Zero Ducks Given


Updated Jan 18th, 2022

One giant pun that’s fun

We give a duck, we actually give lots of ducks.

Users sign up and get ducked.

Then they can give a duck to whoever they want or they can give zero Ducks.

We send people choices to see who they would like to duck.

This has happened. Would you like to give some ducks to the cause. They can give zero Ducks, give one ducks, however many ducks they have.

Duck coin.

If you have zero Ducks left to give them that’s fine, maybe you don’t want to give a duck or any ducks for the matter. But if you would like to give a duck you can. If you need more ducks they are available.

Give a few ducks to a friend.

A user may give zero Ducks.

A user may give a few ducks.

A user may give a lot of ducks.

You choose how many ducks you give.

We send user a summary of their ducks given. You still have zero Ducks.

A lot of our users will give zero Ducks actually. It’s actually nice not to give a duck.

Give fly 80 ducks?