WebCam Setup


Updated Mar 13th, 2022

Not just webcam, but microphone, screen recorder, etc.

Also learn the common remote work tools like slack.

Screenflow? Camtasia? Mike from uses Electro Voice RE20 microphone

Some notes form Colby Fayock Video

audio: blue yeti, scarlet, innogear microphone arm for yeti? $50

video: logitech C922 Pro or a full on DSLR (high cost)?

FG Lighting: 2 neewer LED panels ($90) batteries only so need power adapters ($18). Clamps and monopods versus full elgato stand. LED ring light, ($22).

BG Lighting:

RGB LED Floodlight – can be controlled with iphone ($38).

From Syntax Podcast

Scott’s Hardware:

DBX 286s Preamp
mic plugs into compressing, noise gate
K&M 23850 Microphone Desk Arm
hides cables
Shure KSM32
old mic
Blue Snowball


Scarlet 2i2
adds gain
from preamp to computer
sets screen to 16:9
I show you

final cut pro

Wes’ Hardware: ($1500)

Heil PR40
Mic Leo Laporte
Heil PL2T Boom Arm

Audio Technica AT2020

Heil Flush Desk Mount

Scarlet 2i2

DBX 286s Preamp
takes out bg noise, removes s,
EQ351 Equalizer
filing out lower side of the voice
BSW Pop filter for Heil PR40
must have
Heil Shock Mount
reduces vibration from
size windows to notch sizes
doesn’t necessarily love it but used to it
hates having to mix two channels down into one
seems to be Morphing into a slideshow maker

Once you get to record, what do we use?
IShowU Instant


Blue Yeti (Blue is the brand of microphone and the Yeti is the models gat runs about a $100). Heard when MFM called out Balaji.