Time is Now: Jumpstart Career and Make Money


Updated Jan 19th, 2021

I want to make $150,000+ per year. That will get me to $3,000,000. The time is now!

Time goes by so quickly. I’m 32 now and I’m getting gray hairs in a few years I’m going to be 40 I can’t pussyfoot around like I’m 22. I am not getting any younger this is it I want to be retired by 50 then that means I have less than 20 years to accomplish my goals.

Can I look myself in the mirror and be real with myself to say that the actions I am taking today are in line with my bigger picture goals? I don’t want to have regrets when I look back in time.

Think about some of those old-school goals I had that I was just a confident that I was going to be super loaded one day touring that super fancy southern mansion home in Charleston, South Carolina. I used to see a big Viking Yacht passing out to the bay on a friend’s boat and think confidently “that could be me one day.”

I’m doing nothing right now to make these goals a reality. I’m in the $40,000-$50,000 per year salary range. I can’t even go up to $75,000? I need to be in a totally different mindset and stop thinking 40’s, 50’s, 60’s. I don’t even want to get to $100k I want to get to $200k and $300k. So what kind of mind shift do I need? What kind of actions need to be taken? I feel like I need to think bigger picture I need to be more of a CEO a manager I do not hourly worker. I am currently learning about front-end web development, will that help me accomplish these goals?

I am competing with a workforce that is now much younger than me much older than me and straight up global. I need to be like an investment banker for the portfolio of businesses.

Here are some more serious and tempered goals:

I want to have a nice house with a pool and or on the water with access to a boat and privacy. My own little resort. I want to have access to healthcare and not have to stress about money. I want to be able to travel around and explore a little bit with my friends and family.

I would like to be able to control my time which is the number one asset. And by this I mean be able to take random time off during the year without having to answer to anybody. I do not want to be restricted by the typical 3 weeks of vacation. I want to be able to schedule my own time. Work later in the day, earlier in the day, more hours one week, less hours the other week and not have to again answer to anybody.

I want to enjoy my work and be excited on a Sunday night to start working again on a Monday.


When I was in college, I told myself that if things were not going great career-wise I would fall back on law school at 26. Well that did not happen and now I am 30 and still do not have it figured out.

Today I started with an open notebook paper and wrote down “selling value” as crucial to my success.

I listed closing the deal and commercializing value under the word selling. Under providing value I wrote down Motion Graphics, video editing, web development, web design, financial planner, programming. I then looked up different job opportunities on indeed.com.

Searches included: Motion Graphics 12 jobs, Video editor 15 jobs, Financial planner 68 jobs, Financial analyst 630 jobs, Data analysts 997 jobs, Java developer 601 jobs, IT security 2200 jobs, Software developer 776 jobs, Software engineer 1600 jobs.

The salaries for the IT positions were also much higher:

IT security $114k, SQL Developer $81k, Java developer $89k, Software engineer $75k.

It seemed clear that the IT skills are in high demand and pay very well.

Using this data, I officially decided to put my financial career path behind me and move forward with this route. How could you not have to look at this data and not decide to make this decision?

In addition, most of the financial jobs I see are really sales. I am not a sales guy and honestly, I am not a huge people person.

What I am is analytic. Programming is like building spreadsheets on steroids. I like working on projects and I like building things.

Another problem with the financial world, as it relates to investments, is the lack of the validation or building something tangible. You could have a great idea but until it gets validated in the market it does not really mean much. That could take a lot of time. And you still do not know if you are right until it is validated. And the market can be dumb. You can have a great idea, but the market could be acting irrational.

When I stopped trading and started thinking about Motion Graphics and website building I was super excited about the idea of working on something tangible at the end of my hard work I had something to show for it; a video a website, etc.