The Rundown


Updated Sep 2nd, 2021

All right so call the triage nurse if anything happens but they’re going to ask about how long the contractions last how far apart they are and there’s four stages of labor and then one is broken down into like three stages so it’s like one A is like early labor one B is like transitional labor part C is active labor One C.

511 you know that you’re in like you’re going into active labor. This is contractions are 5 minutes apart They last for a minute and it’s consistent for an hour.

So second stage of labor is actively pushing the baby arrives

The third stage of labor is the delivery of the placenta

Fourth stage of later is the immediate bonding with skin to skin contact

Believer can be broken into false labor and true labor false labor is like Braxton Hicks contractions. Most people begin early labor at home

Parking at the hospital they said to park in the garage

The go-bag rundown we got toothbrush deodorant two changes of clothes headphones phone chargers small notepad for old school contractions calculator

So the expected time of the hospital is two nights.

In the hospital I’m curious if it’s in the same room or we get settled in a room and then they take us to a different room and then back to the original room.

The cesarean delivery is due to a baby in distress like the heart rate drop in. Cut through the skin of the belly and move the muscle.

So when it comes to an epidural if you’re open to that which you are you just have to ask like at any point and you want to know what the point of no return is.

So maybe we should stop at the ATM to get some cash for the cafe just in case like vending machine.

We’re preregistered the hospital was $1,000 anticipated bill based on two nights No medication or C-section or any other procedures.