The Full Package of Productivity


Updated Jun 27th, 2021

WordPress Web Design (Custom Themes)

Complex Web Development (JavaScript, CRUD, React, Headless, WordPress, etc.)

Graphic Design, Logo and Digital Asset Creation (Figma)

Video Creation with Motion Graphics (After Effects)

Screen Recording (Camtasia and Audio)

Video Editing (Premiere Pro)

Music Creation (Guitar)

Excel (Super User, some automation with Macros)

Automation (Scraping and Such with Node and Python)

Finance Background (How businesses work and markets operate)

And also (hobbies):

Trading (Stocks, Options, Forex)

Fantasy Sports (Football)


Uberize Talents

Book time slots across an array of talents/skills/interest. Build a personal empire of value added offerings through separate business entities or one business operating through multiple channels.

Imagine a day where you can profit from offering value in all or some of the above-mentioned categories simultaneously.

Exercise alongside a personal training client. Create Assets in After Effects for a motion graphics client, then have an online consulting session for a financial planning client. Then go on a PaddleBoarding expedition with a tour guide client. Then have a budgeting review with a budgetingbro client.

Average rate of $50 an hour equals $100,000 doing what I love and scheduled on my own time.

Beware of jack of all trades master of none.