The Bee Business


Updated Dec 2nd, 2021

Fallbrood is a disease

You could have a goal of 1000 hives and make 3-4000 nucs. Buy a queen for $30 and sell it with nuk for $140. Can 1000 hives generate $400,000 in revenue (and have you keep 60% of that)? you can sell a $350 starter give which comes with 1 brood box 1 super and five frames. Here in Tampa area Manlake is a big bee equipment distributor where you can buy at wholesale with 20% discount.

Okay so on our flat rate and 10% commission on at retail price

The commission on wholesale prices is unknown

I’m like a web guy so I want to get involved in e-commerce because it’s more scalable and it’s more of my wheelhouse.

So if I sell online on a separate website ( something like that exclusively sells the honey couples honey. I’m essentially a retailer. I can buy at the wholesale price from Robert and sell the retail price. Then I get to keep 100% of the profit.

why bother with a separate site? It’s about marketing and delineation. If I run marketing campaigns driving traffic.

I also am unable to sell to wholesalers. I can’t buy it the wholesale price and then sell the wholesale price. So I can sell warm wholesale leads to Robert. Or negotiate a profit share to sell to wholesale honey.

Questions for Robert

What is the retail price?

What is the wholesale price?

What order size qualifies for wholesale price?

I’m seeing wholesale honey prices online for X

I’m seeing retail honey prices in the store for X

Mike’s hot honey uses vinegar.

How does the setup for the market go? We meet there before and after? Or I drive to his house first?

Handling the attention grabber display piece.

Diffusing operations hourly rate.

We hire a wholesale sales rep to walk into places. What’s the pitch, price, profit split?

Just got a CPA. Monthly fee $400 a month.

S corporation: no self-employment taxes.

W-2 or 1099? Not sure yet.

1099 type employee

I work for the honey couple.

I know their story, trusted to represent their brand.

Sales rep for the honey couple. Run markets, handle wholesale accounts, help with operations including honey diffusion wit flavors, building out frames, etc. (I don’t work the bees directly).

Work from home except weekends

Answer emails, push online sales, call existing wholesale accounts. Call prospective wholesale accounts.

Primary Revenue

Sell retail honey at markets

Sell wholesale honey in person

Sell retail honey online

Sell wholesale honey online