Sourdough Pizza


Updated Nov 20th, 2022

Because of Course

Grant Bakes uses the same exact recipe as his base surdough recipe. Easy peasey, don’t overcomplicate things. His recipe is below. I only use 50 grams of starter and double the recipe to make four pizzas or two pizzas and one love for bread.

Bread Flour 450g, Water 300g, Sourdough Starter 100g, Salt 10g (Makes Three Small Pizzas). Mix, three stretch and folds, 5-6 hour bulk fermentation followed by either two hour room temperature proof for same day bake or overnight in the fridge cold proof for next day bake.

Shaping to proof. At the end of the bulk fermentation he floured the top, flipped over, did a letter fold, cut into three. Shaped each into balls folding into the sticky side. He put the smooth side in first, seem side up, so the top gets oiled but flipped so smooth side on the top, seem side on the bottom overnight.

Actual pizza prep. Floured liberally. Showed a rolled version for the sheet pan and the hand shaped for the stone.

Culinary Exploration recipe was tougher to follow, mostly because his kitchen is so cold so bulk fermentation 12 hours overnight. No judgment but does this dude even have an HVAC system? I did like how he put the olive oil in the dough mixing stage.

75% Hydration dough (80% including starter flour and water): 100g of active recently fed sourdough starter, 220g room temperature water, 290g of strong flour (his has a protein content of 13%), 10 salt, 15g olive oil, (Made two medium pizzas).

Bulk ferments for 12 hours at room temp (took so long because kitchen was 10 degrees Celsius / 50 degreed Fahrenheit). Balled dough then 2 hour room temp proof before making pizza.


Both recipes keep the dough covered at all times, even proofing in the fridge.

Culinary exploration covered the dough cut line with flour. I like his low hydration cubed mozzarella trick. He also did a 7 minute bake with a mid bake 180 turn.

The bread by joy ride coffee video recipe had less starter and two slap and folds.

A tip from Vito, the pizza guy, had a great tip for home pizza cooking which is to cook dough with sauce only for 5 minutes and then add the cheese for the rest of the time.


Pizza comes out delicious. Making sure the dough is plenty of air is crucial. I also like to pre-bake the dough with the sauce for 6 to 10 minutes Make sure that it is fully cooked then put the cheese in toppings back in for another 5 to 8 minutes.

Mid November 2022 we had a spaghetti and meatballs dinner. I used a pizza dough with olive oil garlic and some butter and seasonings as the sauce to make a garlic cheesy bread and then put garlic honey on the crust.

First Try: Starter 9/7 in the morning, Dough 9/7 at night, baked 9/9. I used the same all purpose flour I’ve been using to make bread recipe but forgot to add a portion of flour from the recipe (15% of the flour was whole wheat and I missed it). The dough was sticky as expected. The dough was cut into thirds and sat in the fridge for two days. I just eyed the portions out since the dough was so sticky and wasn’t even close. The first ball was much smaller than the biggest one and I didn’t stretch it out much. I think I added too much olive oil when putting in the two cup container and it had solidified which made for some sticky flour on the bench.

The first pizza used the smaller boule and so was a smaller pizza but was delicious. I did 5 minutes without the cheese and added cheese and this was banging. Definitely the strategy to take with this no cheese bake at first. Came out lighter, as I prefer it, but plenty of crisp and color, and definitely fully cooked.

The second dough ball was bigger and was stretched out more, so thin crust, and I think I did too much time with no cheese for my liking because after the cheese the dough was not light enough for my liking. Still a success. I used green chile as a topping on half.

A note on ingredients. I used store-brand shredded mozzarella and would opt for A.) getting better cheese and B.) at least getting a block and shredding yourself or cubing as mentioned below.

The second loaf, containers 4 and 5, I used the Grant’s recipe with only 50g of starter. This was doughier and I think there were some flour clumps. I was all over the map on the stretch and fold times. 30-minute, 45-minute and then 2 hours later. The dough was cut into two boules and so wondering how this does with size.


Pizza is delicious. Bread is good for avocado toast and eggs on toast, banana sandwiches, toast, etc. All good things but not pizza. Being able to make your own pizza, and good pizza at that, with homemade dough made from scratch with just flour and water. Sweet.

All pizzas came out delicious even with the recipe error. 500 degree oven seems like a good idea. Splitting a loaf into 2 was a good size. Using less starter in Grant’s recipe was a non-issue. Keeping the dough in the fridge for more than 48 hours was also. A non-issue.


White with broccoli

Pineapple green chili

Onion is a good ingredient if sliced long and thin



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