Save and Grow

Budgeting Bro

Updated May 6th, 2018

Save, Exercise, Grow

Eat eggs and banza. Working out costs zero dollars. Enjoying the beach or Disney costs zero dollars. No Starbucks.

Save aggressively with focus and updated monitoring and tracking.

Create secondary income and increase income.

What sacrifices can we make now financially? Netflix, Adobe, Lynda (65*18=$1170). Disney passes next year? Eliminate travel.

Job search: save more money and make more money. Burn the candle at both ends. And within that pursue a formal job and my own small business. Small business can come in the form of (budgeting bro, motion graphics, Web design).

Formal job. Now is the time to get back into finance or take a leap to technology related.

Small business: big picture income online, financially successful, work from home.