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Updated Feb 28th, 2021

Ken McElroy: 2020 the Impact of the Lockdown Recession on Real Estate

43,560 sq. ft. is an acre, 10,890 sq. ft. is a 1/4 acre

Pinellas County Report


Ken McElroy

Jason Hartman


Mortgage availability report

Freddie Mac Thursday Report

Article on shopping rates

Kyle Sasser YT video. The Big bangs are messed deal with for mortgage financing due to lack of communication. More responsive for local bank like bank of tampa, bank of the Ozarks. Mortgage broker may be best option.

Bank Owned

REO listings


Knock shit down and haul it away

Garage can be bid over the phone. How many square feet? $3 a square foot although you may need to add a few to make up a small space. Adding permit fee into quote is optional. Visit site before signing on dotted line. No internal walls makes it cheaper than a house. Customer removes electrical prior to arrival.

How to handle burner and broiler and hwh and electrical, plumbing etc.


David Poz on YouTube had some good content.

Perkins builder brothers

Dude doing $12k block house renovation

Essential Craftsman

Local code

Dunedin, FL


Video on kwakbrothers. Dave Seymour owns $100m of real estate. Dave says residential is crazy Stoopid, insanity. Stop being a sheep. 8.53% of us mortgages are in forebearance. 12-15% of mortgages foreclosed in 2009 housing crash. When it corrects, not if it corrects, there will be a tsunami of defaults, FICO reductions, and an increase in inventory. Economy propped up with Mickey Mouse money. will give you nightmares. Rent deferments. We will be looking at higher inflation. I’m not interested in any real estate deal unless they cash flow in 30 days.

Housing Inventory from the Fed


On Affordability

28/36 rule: Most common.

25%: From Dave Ramsey uses take home pay.

People buy payments not houses. A $375k house with 5% down and 3% interest rate in Dunedin all in payments look like $2150. Pays down equity at $7k a year for first few years with interest payments over $800 a month.