Random Health-Related Notes


Updated Jul 28th, 2021

The Varidesk is worth grabbing

Sitting is the new smoking says, Kelly Starrett

The life straw is cool as fu*k. Why did it take me so long to hear of this and buy one for someone in need? My mother bought me one for Christmas.

The Limber 11 is a workout that helps resolve hip and lower back problems. Posted on YouTube here.

Dr. Sebi was a food specialist. Here’s some notes from 27 minutes into an interview he did, here, (this guy died shortly after the interview). This dude cured aids with diet, (doubtful but interesting), by making and giving compounds to cleanse the cells. The compounds come in the following categories: Phosphates, Carbonates, Iodines and Bromides. Also removed from diet: lactose, uric acid, and carbonic acid which is milk, starches and meat.

Good gout diet article here.

There’s a monitor for Uric acid home testing.