Updated Apr 12th, 2021

As of was available if I wanted to pursue as a microsite.

Bamboo is good for privacy but can be very invasive


Alocasia (elephant ears)

Cordyline. Sherberts have a varagated leaf.

Banana trees (hardy banana, dwarf variety)

Dwarf Oysters are perfect ground cover

Macho fern

Eureka palms:

Spot leaf copper leaf: super cool leaf

Wilma crotons:

Red Gingers

Gardenias (smell good)

Peonioes (for Madi)

Torch Aloe

Breeze Lomandra (grasslike evergreen perennial with fine)

Bromeliad lol


Will Fleming Holly (vertical accents)

Squid Agave (low water low care)

Justicia (orange plume) go 6 ft tall and blooms 9 months out of the year

Oleander tree

Sago Palm

Awabiki Viburnum

Queen Emma

Fiesta Hibiscus (Madi loves)

Juniper (Big non no per Madi)

Aztec grass is a good base cover

service berry is a must if you like birds

pink turtle head

black eyed susans

Tampa native scarletbrush

Tampa native Seminole balasamo

Tampa native southern bayberry

TPA trumpet honeysuckle

Live oak and water oak

TPA red-cardinal

TPA trumpet creeper

Wild coffee: few varieties


TPA butterfly milkweed: monarch host plant

French lavender: always blooming even in winter

Salvia mysty: excellent pollinator plant clean and disease-free always blooming perennial.

Pentas: number one Florida perennial

TPA verbain native verbena: frost and heat tolerant

African Bush Daisy

Sedum Florida friendly gold

Flory glory Mexican Heather

Phlox Jagger: 7 months of flowering blooms November to June.

Lantana: bloomify. Seed free and Florida friendly.

Palms and palm trees

Cabbage Palm (Sable palm): State tree of Florida.

Chinese Fan Plalm: awesome. Leaflet splits and hangs down

Royal Palm: Brandon favorite. Slick whitish truck. Native to Florida.

Christmas palm: native to the Philippines. Has become a staple in the Florida landscape worlds shorter has like the slick green trunk

Queen Palm: native to south America. Fast-growing palm 1 to 3 ft per year. Coldhearty. Fair well in Jax. And southern Georgia.

Cat Palm: found in bigger pot or planter

Foxtail palm: have a slick green trunk like the Christmas palm but have a palm like a fox tail

Triangle Fan Palm

Coconut Palm:

Bismarck: Whitish/silvery palm tree. Native to North Central Madasgar.

Washingtonias: not recommended for South Florida

See also

Verticle Green Wall: biophilic design and living wall

Rain gauge and capturing rainwater seems like a no-brainer

Tropical plant party YouTube channel

Local beach plants

Wilcox nursery is a good local source


Cabbage palms (sable palms)

Pine trees

Live oaks


Florida privet


Beach Elder: succulent+like

Sea purslane

Coastal moonflower

Coastal spider Lily

Trailing portalweed

Stem passion vine


Wax myrtle