PaddleBoarding Tour Guide


Updated Jul 7th, 2021

Book tour parties of 2 or less to start out but could see doing parties of 4 or less if all goes well.

Start by buying 3 nice boards, backpacks, waterproof containers.

People bring their own snacks/sandwiches/drinks. Cold also offer add packed lunch as an add-on, (Pub Subs, Gatorades, and Doritos).

Have a few tour spots, Honeymoon Island North, Honeymoon to Caladesi, Causeway to Caladesi, Causeway to Horseshoe island, Pop Stansell to Horseshoe Island. Clearwater Beach North to Caladesi.

Meet, bring and inflate boards, provide bags for load-up, pair music, quick lesson and go time.

Very linear hours for money opportunity.