Updated May 6th, 2022

Fav Chord Progressions

C – G – Amin (Amin Played as bar chord)

Other Random Chord Progressions

C Amin Emin Emin


Old Music Notes

I wrote in 2005, “Music is motivating. Limit guitar playing. I could play all day long and never get anything accomplished. Save it for the end of the day so you have something to look forward to and you can unwind.”

Alos in 2005, “Let music set your mind free. Whether it be listening, playing, or both. Let it take you away and alter your mind. It can also have the same affect as some drugs. Leave “this life” for a while by getting a little “loose.”. I THINK I WANT TO START MAKING MY OWN MUSIC. All this writing I do here should have music played behind it. All music is poetry in its own sense. The voice is an instrument and should be supplemented with another instrument. Music is much more effective than writing in being enjoyed by the masses. Especially the young people. I mean who reads, honestly. When is the last time a bunch of people started dancing and singing to poetry in a book. But when its on a cd with a little tune behind it anyone will listen. Continue writing, make your lessons into poems, complement them with the guitar and there you have it. Let your mind run free. Get it all off your mind with music. Be sure to have a lots of variation. Fast, slow, medium, all, none, pauses, mixes, remixes. Let it go from the heart. Leave something behind – Tell stories, lessons. Motivate, alter moods, make people dance, etc.”

Stealer’s Wheel: Stuck in the middle with you: Learn it

Boogie on reggae woman, and booze me up and get high

“where are you going” by dave is a good guitar tune and “crash” is a good hand exercise

Learn Canon in D classical guitar song.

I like Beethoven’s symphony no 5.

“Song to download:
Killers: jenny was a friend of mine
Keep It coming love”

I would like to fine tune audio files: favorite podcasts, educational mixed with music, personal guitar tracks, etc.