My Love for Microsoft Excel


Updated Aug 18th, 2020

People that know me know that I love Microsoft Excel and I do love Microsoft Excel. I reach for it all the time and maybe sometimes more than I should.

In all reality Excel is a f****** awesome and I’m not ashamed of it.

When I was like 15 and I started getting into stock trading like data and like exporting like stock charts and quotes and prices it started to be like the reason I started to use Microsoft Excel a lot and you know it was the same thing like in college or just being a finance major you know use it quite a bit and then when I got an internship at like a financial advisor’s office like I just kind of like slowly morphed into like an advanced excel user.

Working in a professional environment it was kind of an advantage and then you’re like you know I was building shift bids and you’re doing headcount analyzers and you’re analyzing NPS reports and this report and that report So it pays to know what you’re doing and I wanted this post to kind of be a bit of a place where I can talk about some of my favorite versions of Excel and maybe this post evolves into something more.

Features I love