My Local Economy


Updated Feb 3rd, 2021

There are businesses everywhere by me. It’s kind of gross how much there’s just establishment after establishment.

A web developer / web designer / online marketer seemingly has an endless amount of leads to pursue in this area. Network and build a community of partners. Making clients more successful makes your community more successful.

I’m curious at least from an aspect of square footage and land What percentage of my community goes to housing goes to Otto’s goes to restaurants goes to non-restaurant retail goes to Marine goes to health care

It’d be cool if on a map you could select check boxes and see in a highlighted color different categories.

Also from a standpoint of just making your community a better place and understanding the needs of the people and what the pain points are and you know solve a major problem

Off the top of my head some that come up are;

Way too many cars We need more green space and we need to make our cities more walkable

We need either more community like involvement, things happening in public places to bring people together

Less ads, less screens.