Mobile Apps that Export Data to Excel


Updated Dec 2nd, 2019

Update May 5th: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Looks like office 365 has a simple way and you can easily export form responses to Excel. Google Forms has the same capability.

Attendance for Employees
Weight Tracking
Hours Spent at Work

I love keeping track of things and and spreadsheet format but I hate having to input the data into really small fields.

Example 1: Opportunity to have the app ping you to ask you. for instance at 8 p.m. at prompts you to say hey did you work out today and if so what did you do in Excel file. You can also have it prompt you to see how you progressed towards certain goals.

Check out Kotlin for Android development mobile apps it is apparently much easier than Java

Check out AppStreet. AB Street looks like a third party that connects Excel or Google sheets or Dropbox with an app. Watched a YouTube video and this is exactly what I am looking for.