Microsites Idea


Updated Dec 20th, 2021

The idea for a microsite is that you literally throw it together in a day’s work. Build a site, fill it up with content and deploy it into the wild.

Quick note on content is that you probably need 8-10 articles with images. Allocate time appropriately or expect this to take more than a day.

Monitor traffic statistics on basic articles. Can later add a simple CTA that collects email addresses for a PDF or a chance to win something. I usually won’t offer a random winner for a prize until there’s been some traffic Although one could say that this could help drive traffic.

The overarching idea here is you’re spending $10 on a domain name, leveraging already paid for hosting and burning a day’s work to create a minimum viable product. You plant the seed and see what happens.

If you cast this wide net of micro sites you could be surprised in the results.

You may be able to find some revenue in the hundreds or thousands a month.

Let’s say you throw up a dozen sites and three of them pay you on average $600 a month like you just found yourself $1,800 a month income that is probably on some sort of autopilot.

The traffic and the success of the sites can then help you focus your limited resources on the sites that are actually getting results.

When sites get a little more traffic and success you can pursue a slightly different strategy. May consider starting a social media following, implementing comments, seek guest contributors, display page views etc.

What’s great here is the fact that there could be a potential for recurring revenue.

The bar for these sites is set extremely low. I think about the cycle baron site and what an absolute piece of shit it is. If a site that’s had such minimal effort put in can have any level of success than there’s hope for this microsite strategy. (Note: Cycle baron has 32 articles).

Website ideas that fit this bill include BV paddles cheese my noodle budgeting brow cheap eats Pinellas plants and more

BV paddles is an enthusiast site What other areas can I draw inspiration from IE I am a blank enthusiast. Car sports celebs music come to mind. In the car enthusiast category you got websites like car throttle.com and motorbiscuit.com.

Create a thing that makes $5 a day out of thin air

Social media isn’t critical at first but I could definitely see this becoming a thing with traffic.

The Shell Concept

Easily launch site that collects emails, users, can collect payment.