Updated Sep 11th, 2020

I first heard about lead generation in 2016 from a web designer in New Mexico. He was using search engine optimization to rank websites that collected leads and then “leased” these websites to professionals like lawyers for a lot of money. They were willing to pay for the websites because they were generating leads.

I’m reminded by this because every other ad I see on YouTube seems to be related to lead generation. Here a three articles I found on the topic, (One | Two | Three).

Empire Flippers really seems to have their Sh*t together. I like their website.

I like digital nomads website too

Every business needs leads to survive

You’re going to want to look to automation to for your lead distribution software

A lot of lead generation includes business-to-business private deals but you can also go the affiliate paper lead route so companies like Quinn Street campus explorer ring partner. These companies offer you money for your leads and kind of like an affiliate format so you don’t have to go work these deals boots on the ground style

spin syntax This is where you use the same concept over and over and over again but you don’t get penalized in an SEO sense

Watch a YouTube video of Anthony Darandea giving keynote

It’s all about revenue per click. Wheat generation is about owning the customer without owning the offer. Build income versus building a business. Had a digital problem before the offer. he said he would ask somebody Hey can I send you $20 Amazon gift card to chat with you for a bit or pick your brain?