Josh Kaufman: Learn Anything in 20 Hours


Updated Jul 8th, 2021

Another legendary productivity video is Josh Kaufman’s learn anything in 20 hours. It’s an interesting graph where it’s like the farther you go in time like the less you’re learning kind of looks like the top left corner of a circle pretty much he’s interested in like the first 20 hours that you gain the most and his four things are to number one deconstruct number two self-correct number three remove barriers to practice number four practice at least 20 hours and he says it’s one of the major barriers is just like emotional. He’s as pretty good example of like the ukulele where he learns four cards GDE minor and c and he plays the song where it’s like the legendary journey song The Lion King no woman no cry call me maybe closing time the Gangnam style Hey sexy lady. The point is like we don’t live in the world of The matrix or you can just download content but there’s definitely a skill to be learned in accelerated learning and again I don’t need to reinvent the wheel but it’s still something like I’m really on board with and I’m going to utilize along with technology to gain financial independence.