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Updated Apr 12th, 2021

I watched an interview with niche website builders

It’s all about revenue per page views

If you really want to get freedom online start with freelancing

He had Google penguin knock a few affiliate sites of his down

Categories on his fat stacks blog site include blogging traffic monetization and content

Uses ad thrive to programmatically put ads within content. Sticky ads and above fold ads drive the most revenue

Enjoys writing fun articles versus diving into analytics I’m making sure you’re squeezing every possible penny. This is okay since the metrics are good If the metrics weren’t good then he would have to do more.

Keyword research is a tough skill to train. It’s easier to do with two sites versus a dozen. Spends a few hours a month. Uses

He finds writers to hire on the pro blogger job board.

Link whisper is an alternative to manual linking

The difference between ad networks including adsense isoic or zoic ad drive momentum, etc. Add thrive is his favorite He also heard good things about an media vine. Also said you could split test to find out work works best.

Overlay model after clicking a link, these ads are f****** everywhere on this site

He sold a half a dozen websites and one of them was yoga bearing sold for 28 times multiplier. Ad revenue site.

Motion is an alternative to empire flippers and a side note I see Dev Ed’s a little bike animation at the bottom

Use images for tables because people need to link to them It creates backlinks and it’s easier than displaying an HTML

Use Google sheets for everything

The owner does keyword research content is outsourced formatting and uploading is done with VA’s who also do interlinking. This is what a publishing business does these three things keyword research, content, formatting/ uploading.

Has it relates to content length use market views or market muse It spits out a suggestion of word count based on the topic input.

Should you skip adsense until you qualify for zoic? Not necessarily the $0.30 a day you might make is really motivating that you are actually making money with a website.

Cycle bearing has a very basic header It’s got the home page and a privacy policy note that there’s a base page and policy guide from WordPress and you can just use a basic link and footer.

Display featured images in a grid and you’re done. The size of images is like 460 by 260 and on larger screens caps out at like 8:30 by 560.

A search feature is definitely not needed initially

Terms of service this is site is owned by blank. See grape media BCV holdings C grape marketing C grape publishing.

The fat stacks is getting 350 to 400,000 visitors a month from Facebook?

Hey traff offers 5-year traffic profile so you can see your competitors

Yoast plug-in gives basic schema “so it says I don’t know”

Web stories are a lot of work

If starting from scratch I’d find a interested niche right as brains out go after easy to rank keywords do a little link building after several months. This takes a while so pay bills by freelancing.