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Updated Feb 18th, 2021

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Update 8/31

I’m really not making the progress I would like to at least it doesn’t feel that way. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been laid off and I’ve probably spent about 10 days and I don’t know if too much to show for it. Don’t get bogged down on one project for instance HFRR. Don’t lose sight of the main goals which is really income replacement which hasn’t really been a main goal but really needs to be. I need to position myself as a web designer and a freelance web designer at that. I need to create a portfolio site with real world examples and also update my resume. Has right now the skills that I feel the best at is really wordpress development and so to roll with that I really need to step up my game as far as PHP is concerned, maybe utilizing the API. I don’t want to just go work at Amazon. If I don’t want to be a freelance web developer then I’ve got to use those skills to create an income producing business IE the paddle boarding site IE budgeting bro. If I’m going to not pursue a traditional job I also probably need to pursue an LLC for the freelance gigs. I need to get my s*** together and github.

5 projects for your portfolio (Hawkes)

Overarching message is you need to know how to debug and you need to code to learn to code.

Update 9/10/20

Big picture career wise if I didn’t have to or couldn’t do programming I think finance and accounting, like chief financial officer realm, would be a good place for me. I know how to operate but a lot of times operating just sucks. Running the numbers and displaying data a lot of times the answer is to just sell more. I’ve expressed the fact that I’m not the RaRa sales guy and I don’t want to be in charge of driving sales or driving morale. So because becoming a developer may not be the end all be all, I’d like to get back into the financial aspects of the business before getting back into the operational roles (depending on what those op roles may be).

Cover Letter Ramble

I’ve been building my web development skills as part of a self-directed program over the past few years while working full-time in the rental car business as the Customer Service Director for a major company in the rental car industry. Despite having a very demanding full-time job I was able to find time to build my skills and also build and maintain a website built in WordPress for a non-profit organization based in North Carolina. Due to Covid I was offered a severance plan by my former employer and I saw that as an opportunity to commit to my goal of moving into the web development industry full-time. With the additional time over the last two months, I’ve really pushed my web development skills forward. This includes a complete redesign of the nonprofit organization and personal projects to build my portfolio. I have wanted to break into the web design development space for quite some time and just haven’t had the opportunity to really commit myself to the endeavor with the time that it deserved until recently. I’m incredibly hungry to find an opportunity to break into the web development world and continue learning and pushing my skills and abilities forward. I’m excited to get into my first role as a junior developer and move my career forward in a new field that I’m extremely passionate about.

My portfolio projects highlight skills in the following areas:

CSS: Flexbox Grid Bootstrap SaSS CSS Animations



WordPress: Custom theme development, and the integration of site builders (mainly elementor).

APIs: Headless WordPress using Rest API and GraphQL

Version Control: I know and use Git and GitHub

Static Site Generators: Gatsby

Continuous Deployment: Netlify

Database: MySQL, MongoDB

Node: Web scraping

Comments on the Self-directed Route

There’s a three main paths to pursue, formal education through a university program, a coding boot camp, or the self-directed option. The docs and resources are out there without the the formal education route. If you are committed, you can develop the necessary skills on the self-directed path. The self-directed path presents its challenges, (discipline needed, custom curriculum, etc.) but if you are truly committed you can learn build a strong foundation of skills. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. I always equate it to learning a second language. You don’t necessarily need a degree to prove you can learn Spanish, you just speak Spanish, if a self-directed study program got you there then so be it.

Amazon helping 30 million level up their tech game

About Me Rambles

Web Designer | Web Developer | Front End Web Developer


I enjoy helping small businesses use the web to make money online. Set up a storefront, sell a newsletter subscription, configure membership sites, and more. (Primetime, //Bee Biz)

I like to support non-profit organizations in their work. (//HFRR, other)

I’m a data junkie. I love data and charts. (Excel, APIs, //Python)

Most of my projects are built using WordPress. I also build apps without WordPress, using simple HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT and maybe use NodeJS to bring in the functionality of a database like MongoDB.

A fast, user-friendly website with sleek design can help you stand out from your competition.

//I like to make things move (CSS Animations)

//I love to automate tasks with (Python)

My background is in Finance and Customer Service. More recently I’ve been building cool things on the web.

(This is where it would be cool to have the madlibs thing that resets on page load.) I enjoy blank and nerding out on blank.

Checkout some of my work:

This is where there should be cards or images of different portfolio items:

Link to GitHub | Link to Resume | Link to LinkedIn (Man oh man would I love to not participate in LinkedIn)

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