Household Economics

Budgeting Bro

Updated Aug 9th, 2020

I feel like I would be fine never leaving my house. Of course that is an overstatement. But besides a few trips per year and going to the beach and grocery store. What else? And what else really costs money?

The basic needs revisited. Everyone knows it’s all about food water shelter. From a cost perspective it’s clearly shelter food water. But the “other” necessities stack up pretty quickly.

Cover Expenses Without Leaving the Property.

(I say cover the property because not leaving the house assumes you stay inside but staying home to me includes a lot of time outdoors.)

Can your education and skills and the internet power all of the expenses above to the point you don’t have to leave the property?

I have never made a dime on the internet. Sounds ambitious. But absolutely possible.

Have a Separate Office on Property

Call it a pool house called it a garage. Maybe a crow’s nest. Just away from the spare room next to the bedroom. On property has the benefit of still being accessible and no commute.

Separate Office Off Property

I kind of like the idea of like a industrial retail space instead of an office kind of like a workshop big garage door that can open you know secure a lot probably more difficult to air condition but definitely better than being stuck inside all day.

I mean traditional office space could be badass too. It’d be cool to have a courtyard or balcony or good window to get some sunshine natural light

Off property requires a commute but sometimes I can be yeah a good way to get into work mode or get out of work mode.