GMST Idea from 2011


Updated Apr 11th, 2021

Sell this idea/use this for my own benefit: bring boring concepts/material to life with educational flash animations/movies. Ex) The big picture of personal finance, understanding annuities, explaining math. Sell a better way to learn. Revisited in July 2020 this is animated gifs, this is AnkiDroid notecards, and more. This not notes in excel formatted in such a way to make animated Powerpoint notecards. The concept of using tech for accelerated learning is still alive and well.

Get My study tips (GMST) Idea back in 2011: Less Travel Time; cost efficiency; larger reach via internet; a new way to consume content (ex. on the couch like a movie or on ipod). Shorter Adaptable content. Learners can consume content through multiple channels. Ease, Speed, and Cost Savings.

Research outsourcing data entry for the GMST Procedures. Also check out web scraping for content. Explore the alternative of audiobooks or electronic books that can be copy and pasted.

Formats: Excel no blank rows (quiz format), excel with blank rows, text, ppt clickable, ppt clickable 2003, ppt timed, MP3, pdf for printing quiz format

GMST Timeline: Aim to launch by the end of Q1 2011. Create e-book and DVD Series. Also explore Web-based course although bandwidth is an issue.

Focus on GMST/CFA Study and spend time on appropriate areas. i.e., don’t spend time in flash when the (website) shell isn’t completed.

Research fill in the blank quizzes using Flash CS4. May want to explore third party test building software.

The installation for Moodle is taking considerable amount of time and I’m starting to think to myself “I hope this is worth it.” After getting an understanding for the system a bit I’m wondering how hard it would be to create my own online course/quizzing software using php and mysql. This would probably take a considerable amount of time/effort and not a wise endeavor at this point in time.

For testing the CFA glossary I think instead of printing the whole test with a blank column for rows it would be a good idea to, when before saving randomized and sorted text for uploading to powerpoint, save as an excel file that has the appropriate list of unique id numbers. You can then print this out and use it as a grading sheet for a clickable ppt test. This way it is easy to go into the master data source and tag incorrect errors so they can separated and focused on.