Updated Aug 19th, 2020

Sales: all right so I’m not a big sales guy but you need to know sales because you have to sell yourself and sales is one of the most important parts to any business so sorry but learn it. I really don’t think it’s that complicated and it’s not going to be the primary value add for me.

Data Driven: Data driven decision making is going to be crucial You got to know what the key metrics are and you’ve got to understand root cause analysis and put action plans into place based on the data. This fits with my personality more as I’m very analytical.

Leverage Technology: It’s all about technology It’s all about automation It’s about being able to like leverage technology to be more efficient and be more productive. This does tie in pretty closely with being data driven but it’s also about having operational processes in place that also leverage technology.

Accelerated Learning: This is really my value proposition, I really need to be as specialist at advanced learning techniques active recall and my ability to really learn complicated things quickly. animated videos Anki no cards translates into proving you can do the task. do not lose sight of the end goal and get lost in the learning it has to be quick and with an end goal in mind.

Brute Force: This one’s really all about hard work I am no stranger to busting my ass to get the job done. Balance quality life Yes absolutely but sometimes you just need to get in there and get your hands dirty digging until the job’s done. I spent so much time working my ass off for a corporation that someone else’s benefit when it was someone else’s company I can definitely do it for my own company.


1. Entrepreneurial: I spent years listening to internet business mastery tropical NBA entrepreneur on fire like I probably have what it takes to like create like a hobby site niche site try generate some revenue. I currently have these skills to you know have a compatibility site any other type of site and it could be a huge failure a huge waste of time but it could also generate a revenue and provide some freedom and flexibility. This is my chance.

2.) Coding/freelance: get a deb job or find a way to pay the bills doing what I love to do. I’ve committed to jump into the fields get the skills and get the job.

3.) backup plan to the backup plan this gives me the chills even thinking about it become a teacher go to the job at Amazon find something because you have to pay the bills and if too much time goes by I’m going to have to pull the plug on options number one and number two.

More on accelerated learning

When everybody talks about productivity games everybody always comes back to like education and it’s the way for us to have a higher standard of living. I’m not really interested in being a guru on accelerated learning. I am very interested in the practice. that was a really good test cuz it’s like how quick can I learn a very advanced concept like JavaScript and react. I liked having like the framework It’s like the image on the one page of like what is beginner and what’s advanced and to know that like if I know all these things I’m good to move on to the next step or I could potentially get a job. When it comes to coding it’s kind of like well what am I going to do like what am I creating The world is like a pretty good place right now like what is there to improve. Have the idea is like technology and education is what’s going to move us forward but we need to know how to use the technology and that’s what you know using the accelerated learning techniques to like learn technology is to like advance things forward. So if I say to myself like okay well what is like your case study and I could use myself as an example It’s like hey look I used skills to like learn web development and then I took a hobby like paddle boarding and turned it into a lucrative side business.