Facebook Ads


Updated Mar 12th, 2022

Watched this video here by Jordan Platten


1.7B daily active users on F, 80% of internet has FB profile. Get in the hands of ideal customers. 17B spent on FB ads in Q1 alone in 2020. 80m businesses already have business Facebook page.

CPM, Cost per 1000 is $7.34

FB is one of the most effective ad platforms, 80% of marketers already use FB as part of their marketing strategy.

Business Suite: Where you manage your business account

Ads Manager: The host of your ad account

Ad Account: Where you manage your ads

Ad Campaign: The type of advert you are running

Ad Set: Your target Audience

Advert: Your ad creative (visuals)

Campaign > Ad Set > Advert = tree

Testing different sets and adverts

Need a business page

FB Business Suite – Consolidated Admin Page: Details and Setup

Ads Manager – Create new Ad Account and switch between different Ad Accounts

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