Web Design is for Traditional Job & Entrepreneurial


Updated Jul 28th, 2022

The title says it all here. Don’t let web design be it all. Create online businesses that run themselves. Content is king so, as you become the expert, create content along the way and monetize. Now you’re really golden, but you must monetize. So there are three opportunities, web dev, online business learning web dev skills, content creation on what you know. $700 course, opened once a year in which you sell 1000 equals $700k a year.

Delivering clients value can help pay the bills. The challenge with working with clients is that you are trying to interpret and implement their dream. It can be tough to get on the same page creatively and managing expectations around abilities, functionalities, cost etc. can be challenging. You are the middleman between the client and the user.

When you build for yourself, you become the client and you can better focus on delivering value for the user. If you can monetize the users you’re home free. And you no longer need the client because the users are now the client.

Watched this video here from a Freelance dev doing the dead and there were some good nuggets. I especially enjoyed the part, about 30 minutes in, about the master service agreement and individual statement of work.