Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Updated May 15th, 2022

Favorite numbers/charts of the day/week/month

Reference and tips tricks on charts

Maintaining time series data in Excel.

Know SQL.

Web apps can export import CSV data.

I saw a video by a guy who sells data to hedge funds company called the quandl. Pretty much said there’s an ocean of data out there which we all know and he uses very unique ways to gather this data like satellite images of container ships from resource miners to try to figure out supply situation.

This was an interesting Lex Fridman with Jim Keller watch here. Pytorch vs Tensor flow (bias pytorch). Dude is very smart. I had to end at 90m.

This video pointed me to software 2.0 here (the data is the code) and a different take here

Machine learning, AI, deep learning

Deep learning FCC here

Machine learning FCC here

JS training wheels with FCC self driving cars here

Travis Oliphant on Lex Podcast here. Peter Wang here


Data data data.

Excel on steroids with programing and automation.

Overlap with coding, or databases and python.

Charts, dashboards, etc.

Sports or financial data could be cool here. live data with web sockets (think Yahoo’s Stat tracker or TD Ameritrade’s think or swim).

Also consider open source data or something in public domain so you don’t have to worry about paying for data / copyright issues, etc.

Data Science Infographic Animations


Data Science For Business Audiobook