Dancing Tips


Updated Dec 2nd, 2019

Basic Two Step:
Left-together-left-tap; Right-together-right-tap
Tips-Don’t take huge steps-Keep your knees slightly bent-Count 4 and 8 are taps so you don’t shift your weight during those counts just tap your toes.
Rotating Basic (clockwise)
Starting with left foot; rotate rotate rotate tap; rotate rotate rotate tap
-leader must maintain a strong arm
Forward Basic
Start with left foot going forward. Come back with right foot first. Forward together forward tap. Back together back tap.
Follower’s Right Turn:
-Begin with a full basic
-Drop the right hand to give the turn signal
-Raise left hand to turn and draw the circle clockwise
Follower’s Left Turn
-indicate turn during the basic
-left together left drop hand
-right together right tap
-Guide counterclockwise turn by drawing above with left hand
Follower’s Double Turn
-clockwise rotation to the left
-reverse the circle to the right
The Cradle
-starting with a two hand hold
-leaders hand on too
-small stationary steps
Leader’s Right Turn
-start with left foot stepping to left
-left together left tap
-Drop right hand and lower your left hand
-rotate right foot turn halfway
-shift weight to left foot and continue turning to your right until you face your partner.
-take a side step to your right and tap wit your left foot
-now continue your basic
-hold the follower’s Right hand the whole time requiring a hand switch mid turn
Turn Combo #1
-Combine Follower’s Right Turn and Leader’s Right Turn (Follower’s Right Turn finishes combo)
-Men’s turn: turn together side tap
Turn Combo #2
-Follower’s double to duo turn
-full basic
-followers double turn
-half basic
-duo turn
-end on full basic
Intro Variation 1
-enter with confidence with leader’s right hand holding followers left
-reach left hand for followers right and guide up and counter clockwise turn
Intro Variation 2 (The Cradle)
-can be used as hilite
-possible finisher too
-leader walks out on left side with right hand holding from below the followers left hand
-during the turn reach out with left hand and guide from above into cradle and then roll back out
Intro Variation 3 – the Hammerlock
-can be used in middle as hilite
-connect with right hand
-without dropping right hand lead her into a turn to the front left of me.
-raise left hand to lead her behind you
-rotate body to left to make the move look natural and comfortable
Intro Variation 4 – The Lean
-Can be used in the middle of your dance as a hilite (that’s what we think)
-lead around until face each other
-lead with left hand into cradle position without dropping left hand
-side lunge to the left while follower stay attached
-After a short pause push back up and roll out
-both step towards each other and get into dance position
The Dip
-the end of dance needs to be memorable
-Send the follower out
-Counter clockwise left turn in place
-Rotate partners body to your left
-Bend left knee and extend left leg out to the side
-Keep weight on left foot
-Keep should back and upper body straight
-keep left elbow lifted
Putting Steps Together
-dance basics and turns and hilite
Demo Tips
-cradle walk around then rollout
-add a walk-around hammer lock
Performance and Styling
-Smile and look at each other
-Arm styling
-make a mistake keep dancing
-start in dip for a few seconds so photographer can get the shot