Content Marketing


Updated Nov 4th, 2021

With everything I know about WordPress and everything I know about coding I need to just drink a bunch of coffee rant out a bunch of content but go the final step and set up the framework to monetize.

I have a post out there about monetization strategies but it could be as simple as just putting a PDF with easy digital downloads plugin on your WordPress site boom done.

I can use my Figma tools to create an avatar. This way I can anonymously build a brand that generates revenue.

BudgetingBro, CheeseMyNoodle, Trading Addiction Rehab, and Self-taught developer, are a few examples. I need a legitimate setup for the site!? These are not “portfolio projects” but mind as well get a value proposition into production.

It’s ridiculous to think I have the skills, I have the content, and I just have never formally took the finally step to set it and forget it.