Code the Future You Want to See


Updated Jun 4th, 2021

Don’t think about money think about providing value.

And even that is probably too complicated.

Code the future you are interested in and the success will follow.

An extreme case is Musk interested in an optimistic future that involves interplanetary travel. (Used first principle thinking)

Automation, easy, fun, education. Simpler, free time for more important things.

Keep swinging and you’ll get a hit. Iteration, don’t get bogged down on one thing.

You can build the future world you want to live in

Don’t depend on others to build it for you

Think of Willy Wonka Yeah so chocolate bars but he built this giant factory The way he wanted it.

Use your imagination

If I want to build a website about macaroni and cheese that is super high class and generates a ton of money then why can’t I? How could money be made on cheese my needle besides the obvious novelty t-shirts and hats? Think gift packs think meal delivery.