Updated Jun 11th, 2021


Target Audience: anyone interested in paddle boarding as a hobby

How to structure: Good photos, reviews of gear with affiliate links, blog posts.

Site Goals:

Why have a standalone site when there’s a subreddit? You can control the content better and provide your own journey and personality, etc.

Should have the ability to browse by gear category so boards paddles pumps cooler speakers etc.

Idea for BB paddles is to do this like vector-based concept of you’ve got the sky then you’ve got the surface then you’ve got just under the surface and you got deep water then you’ve got the ocean floor. You can add in elements or icons based on things you would find in those zones. So for instance in the sky you’d find sign airplanes tour helicopters the sun clouds at night you’d see moon and stars. On the surface you would see boats buoys dolphins paddle boarders. Just under the surface you’d see dolphins manatees sharks stingrays fish divers snorkelers. On the floor you would see crabs crab traps maybe a boot, obviously the sand. Super cheesy but you could have the site logo and be the text that’s on the back of a sign plane you could have your mobile menu be in A circle that represents the sun and this animates out on toggle.

You could have some wave-like curvy SVGs and you can utilize a CSS concept of like overlapping elements so a picture like a paddle board like being behind one part of the wave and over the other part.

Checkout and listen to indie Hackers episode 209. WP and Woocommerce as a hobby and get some free gear.

Local Paddle Distances

Downtown St Pete to armature works: 20 miles

Tierra Verde to Downtown St. Pete: 11 miles

Weaver Park Dunedin to 1st Island: 0.6 miles

1st Island south of causeway: 0.71

North beach to latitude of north point of hogs head island:

Causeway to sandbar: 0.34

North beach to cove: 0.6

Causeway to tip of caladesi: 0.6

North beach to cove: 0.6

Pavilion #1 to caladesi tip: 0.54 miles

Causeway to horseshoe island: 0.9 miles

Pop Stansell park to Horseshoe island: 1.82

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