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Updated May 15th, 2022

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Rice and beans. Enough said

Instapot organic brown basmati from Costco. 2 cups fills strainer. use a little more water than the instapot recommend 1:1 ratio. So 1 cup rice = 1.25 cup water. High pressure 8 minutes. Self release for 9/10 minutes.

1 cup dry beans and 5 cups water. Want water to be about an inch above bean level. Add Some olive oil and salt. 22 mins on high then 5-10 minute natural release. (Note tried making red beans twice and 22 minutes leaves the beans pretty firm so may want to increase the time.) I cooked for 30 and they were more than done. Maybe try 26? Refried bean recipe here.

Rice Bean Combo

Simpler to combine if this is what you’re ultimately doing with the rice and beans anyway.

Tried this recipe here. Used a fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes based on what I had. Also used a little more rice since that’s what was in bag.

Later tried my own. Cooked bag of red beans for 30 mins then did second pot of onion, pepper, small can tomato paste, 4 cups chicken broth, bag of rice and 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning. Cooked second pot for twelve minutes and let it rest for 10 (basically the rice recipe above). The beans were more than cooked so that’s why I didn’t add them into the second pot.

Another pass at the combo: saute a medium onion sliced small. Add 1 lb (~ 2 cup) bag of rice and 1 lb bag of small red beans. Add 32 ounce of vegetable broth. Add 14 ounce fully cooked smoke sausage sliced thin.  14.5 ounce can of petite diced tomatoes. Small can tomatoes paste. 1 tablespoon Cajun season. Slight stir. 30 minutes pressure 8 minute natural release. Pesky red beans still came out a little firm. Rice still good with increased cooking time. Great that this was one pot. May need to go a little longer for the sake of the beans next time.

Black Bean Burgers

Base recipe here. I don’t bother drying out the beans. I often use hoisin sauce in place of BBQ. The moisture from adding green chile is no biggie. I don’t even bother shaping with my hands anymore just use a 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup measure spoon onto parchment and shape from there. The gist of the recipe is 3 cups cooked beans (or 2 cans drained), 2 eggs, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, 2 tbsp BBQ/hoisin, 1tbsp Worcestershire, 1tbsp oil. 375 degree oven, 10 minutes each side.


14 oz bag chickpeas, 6 ounces water, nothing else 50 minutes pressure, 10 minutes natural release. Came out great. Not sure why I never thought of this before. A good addition to the legume rotation.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash instapot: cut in half lengthwise; cut out the center seeds; add a cup of water and place squash halves on the trivet. 7 minutes on high and then quick release.

Pickled Red Onions

From Sam the Cooking Guy here.

1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. 1 cup of water. One and a half teaspoons of salt. About a half a dozen whole peppercorns. 1 tbsp sugar. Mix to dissolve. Slice one big or two small red onions very thin. Blanche the onions in a bowl of boiling water let’s sit for 1 minute and then drain. Put onions in a jar pour over the solution let cool and then store in the fridge.


Create like 5 or 10 of animated gif recipes using the instant pot talk about how much I love the in-spot and affiliate link to the instapot. I think the value added is just keep it like super super simple and explain like the why it makes so much sense which is clearly you can make a ton of food like super easily and it’s about is definitely a little like intimidating cuz it’s essentially like a f****** pressure cooker bomb in your kitchen but you can make a lot of really good food really quickly and some meal prepping cheap eats like it’s awesome.

How much would an affiliate link on a instapot get you and like what kind of traffic could you drive to a site like this? I don’t think it would take a ton of time to set this site up so like if you were to keep track of the hours like could you make over $30 an hour on this? I feel pretty good about that I mean let’s just say this takes 30 hours to create that would be $900 in affiliate revenue on instapot and anything over that would be just fair game. Could this thing make $500 a month like in perpetuity and essentially give me two free days off?

Bulk Ground Beef in Instantpot

Trying 6 pounds of ground beef in instant pot. Someone on Reddit said they done 20 minutes for 3 pounds so I’m trying 40 minutes for 6 pounds. I added two cups of water to be safe and hit it with a lot of garlic powder. I don’t think this was enough water.

I didn’t use the trivet and before it even reached full power I got the burn notice. Live and learn. After pulling the meat out into a tin and adding the trivet, since the meat is broken up I’m not really sure how much the trivet is really helping. Maybe cooking from frozen is actually preferred?

This video was the closest to what I was trying to accomplish. They used not trivet, put 4 pounds of raw ground beef, with not trivets and broke up the meat a bit. They poured 1.5 cups of beef broth over the top of the meat. This is needed to help the cooker come to pressure. They did a 5m then quick release, stir and then another 10 minutes. I would like to avoid having a mid cook stir.

I added water then meat and no more water and not trivet so I think I may just need to add some water to the top or add the trivet or both.

I also read this woman doing 5 pounds from frozen in 30 minutes so thought I would give that a go.

Ended up with a twelve minute delayed release because I got distracted. Meat was at 180 degrees or higher


From what I have seen on tutorials this is 25 minutes for frozen chicken and 15 minutes raw. This is for a single layer of chicken breast. I like my chicken to be like right at 165 and so I’m going to try 10 minutes which I also saw on the web as a good temp. I also like to cook my chicken ahead of time and so dinner is actually just me essentially reheating previously cooked chicken from frozen. So this makes it especially important that I don’t overcook my chicken the first go around.

Accidentally left vale on venting so shut it off after 18 minutes of getting up to pressure. I didn’t want to test turning valve to seal while under pressure so I wait for pin to drop (20th minute overall). The temp.on the biggest was at 186?! 10 minutes way too long.

Retried with 8 minutes and a small piece was 190 and a fat piece was 176 degrees.

If chicken can only be cooked on one layer it is more efficient to cook on trays in the oven while the instant pot is doing something else. I can test a multilevel chicken cook but I feel like the temperature will be uneven and the batch could become overcooked.


2 lb of mushrooms cooked for 5 minutes in the instapot with about a cup of liquid and four tablespoons of butter. The mushrooms will cook down and fit in a four cup container. Pro tip use the saute feature after removing the mushrooms for 5 to 10 minutes to thicken your sauce and put on the mushrooms.


Trivet, 1 cup cold water, scrubbed potatoes (stacking okay), cook times below, slow release 8-10 minutes.

Small potatoes: Pressure cook for 10-12 minutes

Medium potatoes: Pressure cook for 14-16 minutes

Large potatoes (like you find at Costco): Pressure cook for 18-20 minutes

I’m not saying this just because my first attempt ended up as mashed potatoes so the oven is probably the way to go.

On a second attempt I did whole bag of potatoes one cup of water 14 minutes with a 4 minute slow release. Then wrapped in foil with some olive oil and seasoning and they were banging.

A Good Rotation

Ground beef, mushrooms, black beans, pinto beans, pork and rice.

Note: you always want to finish with the rice because rice cakes to the pan and it’s a good thing to end with.

If you did all these things you are an instant pot champion. And you’re set up to eat all week…


Carnitas is like a Mexican pulled pork but the difference is some seasonings and crisping in the broiler at the end. Good video here. An hour with 20 minute slow release was way too long (over 200 degrees to test out a short time like 40 minutes). Sam the cooking guy has a Kahlua pork recipe that is good too. It’s essentially Garlic cloves cut into the meat (optionally just add 1 tbsp. of garlic powder), 2 tbsp liquid smoke and 1-2 tbsp. kosher salt or margarita salt or any salt.

Veggies and sauces

Sam the cooking guy. Hoison sauce.

Broccoli and Hard Boiled Eggs

Pretty much the only thing to cook on low in the instant pot.

I made broccoli using the zero minutes on high and it came out mush. I also didn’t measure our the 3/4 cup water so that probably didn’t help.


2 minutes with immediate quick release.

In Summary

Rice and beans are the best cheap eats and the instant pot makes this simple. Food prep is also a money and time saver and although big pork cuts and ground beef can easily be cooked in the instant pot this isn’t the best solution for everything. Baked potatoes and chicken breast (when over 4 breasts) are best in trays in the over. Trays are the paper plates of the pots and pans world.


Belizean Flour Tortillas here. Also checkout her fry jacks recipe.