Chamath on Realvision


Updated Jan 19th, 2021

Here is the video

Some things that stuck out to me:

Wealth is an accidental byproduct of problem solving.

Very few people get wealthy by trying to get wealthy. Solve problems to get wealthy.


New financial order

With SPACs you can talk about the future. SEC has very strict rules for S1 not talking about projections. The S4 of the SPAC is all about talking of the future. 100 days versus 18 months. A benefit is you know the cost of capital up front.

On Education: Harvard and Yale checkboxing dipshits riding their daddy’s coat tails, (best line in the video)!

On centrism: Balance is great. Fuck radicalism and extremism.

When you fail you learn

Dalio’s 4 phases of a country: Poor acting poor, poor acting rich, rich acting rich and poor acting rich.

Ark furnace technology

Photovoltaic technology

Price per kilowatt hour

Death march to half as many people in China because of the one child policy.

MiddleEast has a ton of sunlight

Need to be a first principle thinker