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Updated Sep 19th, 2020

Check for recall work here

Fees to never pay

Don’t ask for a discount too soon. Let them show us everything and court us. Don’t ask about fees until the deal sheet comes out. Then ask what is this fee? What is this fee? Thank you for the offer. I’d like to buy the vehicle right now but I’d like you take off the dealer prep fee.

Dealers provide incentive and rebates

Dealer processing fee can be a totally legit fee. 300-400 is normal.

Taxes. 6-7% is normal.

People don’t negotiate much any more because car gurus.

Got to get a pre purchase inspection

Google vin, don’t rely just on car fax

Always test drive the vehicle

Don’t pay too much

Never pay a reconditioning fee. This should already be factored into the value of the car.

Tax title license fees are the only legitimate fees.

Doc fees of $75 are fine but avg of $607 in Florida? Bullshit that is state mandated.

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