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Updated Apr 11th, 2021

Why bother with budgeting bro? I circle back to this question for a lot of my side projects. The question is why not. People come to you for your unique view your curation your spin. Guess there’s a ton of books and content but this is a labor of love. I want the school for finance and I got out of finance because most of the jobs were in sales and investment management. Providing basic financial advice to people who are seeking help is something I would love to do. If I can do it casually through a website then what do I have to lose. That’s why the question is not “why” but “why not.”

Helps people get a hold of their financial situation by focusing proper budgeting techniques to reduce the common problem of overspending.

Help people reduce overspending through focused budgeting.

Budgeting Bro is a website that helps individuals with the common problem of overspending. It promotes sound financial planning with a focus on budgeting. Budgeting is a topic that most people shy away from, it’s not sexy, its not fun. But it is the foundation and key component of a financial plan. Overspending is easy to do and can wreck your financial goals.

You can do all the goal setting and planning you want but executing your plan is the most important factor in determining the success of your financial goals.

We help people stop wrecking their financial goals by overspending or going over budget. To work backwards from here, how do you go over budget without having a budget? We’ll help you set your budget. Working backwards again, How do you set your budget without a larger financial plan? We’ll help you set one up.

I believe most people are flying blind in their financial lives. They don’t have a plan and they don’t have a sound strategy to execute the plan they don’t have. The key word here is execute. You can do all the planning in the world but without execution it’s all a waste.

So to recap budgeting bro is about coming up with a financial game plan, setting yourself some budgeting goals, and then meeting those goals.

Most financial professionals will help you come up with a plan, they’ll tell you how much you should be saving and what you should do with those savings. But they really don’t help you with the most important aspect of meeting your savings targets. Why? There is no money to be made by helping people with little or no money to save money. They are only interested in working with you once you have your money saved and you need life insurance, or help investing. Look I don’t want to bash the financial industry, I just want to help you stop the overspending that is keeping you from achieving your financial goals. I want to help you find piece of mind in your financial life.

Budgeting bro wants to help you succeed financially, but it is not a one stop shop for all your financial goals. This site is about the basics, the core, the Jenga piece of staying on track by not overspending. This site is here to get the financial basics down.

Give it away for an email address and begin helping people and testing the market. Is it worth $25 a month to save $100? I think so. Can I motivate someone to save $100 they would not have otherwise saved? I think so.
Have a ton of free content related to the overview of the 5 steps and a bunch of free content, mainly text, image, and video related to overall financial planning topics.

Have a course that shows the 5 steps in depth and shows how to set up the balance sheet, income statement, and free spend trackers, and other documents. This can be done with after effects videos and text. Price at $499 60% off to $199 and includes either a 1 hour monthly personalized checkup/review or a 1 hour system setup fee or free ($80 value). Free money back guarantee. Enter your email address to win 1 of X free courses given away each month.

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual personalized reviews are at 50% off the $80 price, only $40.

Also you can get tailored financial planning advice/analysis at and hourly rate ($30+ an hour).

Sell one course per day at $199 is 48k per year…not including any monthly coaching sessions.

$199 may seem like a lot of money but the peace of mind that your financial situation is coming under control and the fact that you now have a plan is priceless. Waiting and delaying the “getting your shit together” will cost you way more in the long run and money saved early can pay huge benefits in compound growth with respect to time. NOW is the key.

The Seeds to this idea started in Spring 2009. Here are some notes from that period:

I would like to position myself as a financial consultant; this is a broad description that allows me to take my business in many different directions. Mission Statement: Help individuals and businesses develop and implement customized financial plans with unbiased and thorough analysis.

Helpings Individuals answer such questions as: how can I save money, How much money do I need to save, how should I invest my savings, how can I protect myself with insurance, how can I minimize my taxes, what should I be doing to send my kids to college, how should I go about buying my first home, what can I expect with regard to retirement, etc.

Helping business answer such questions as: should we undertake this project, should we hire this employee, how should we set up our company’s 401k, etc.

I do not expect to know everything about everything, sometimes the dr. must send you to a specialist.  Filing taxes, drafting legal documents, buying certain types of insurance, obtaining financing for a house/car, etc. I am more than willing to act as liason and keep these additonal areas in line with the customized financial plan. 

Creating value: Tailoring a plan specific to you, behavior modification, personal CFO, Trusted advisor, exceptional customer service, detailed attention, etc.

I don’t want to follow the traditional model, (AUM investment manager, selling high fee products, etc.). I will instead charge an hourly consulting fee or project fee. This allows me to stay objective, provide the same level of service regardless of net worth, and offer a different experience than what’s predominantly available.

I need the correct broker/dealer to be registered with…does my current b/d, AXA, fit this description?

So how do I go about finding clients?  I need to get a business card, solidify office arrangements, formalize my sales documents, write operations manual, etc. Then i need to advertise my services in the newspaper, craigslist, on financial sites, on radio, at local businesses, by giving seminars, direct mailings, by networking with other professionals, by being active in community, starting a referral program, working in schools, faxing ads directly to businesses, writing articles, press releases, etc.

I need to do a thorough business plan and market analysis including goals, competition, demographics, porters five forces, Swot, etc.

Where does AXA fit into this model and how can I fill the gaps?

Licensing and credentialing: Additional states to give online advice, CFP roadmap, CFA roadmap, long term care insurance, etc.

I need to get formal mission statement, sales pitch, and advice

This is a career path that requires me to look good: I need to stay on top of appearance

I should consider an area of specialty that may make me more marketable: Ex.) Financial Aid Expert, Low Cost Portfolios, Etc.

I need to be ready to answer the “10 questions to ask your financial advisor”

What does it take to become a CPA? Figure out in which state you want to be licensed and know their requirementds but generally: Have a certain amount of accounting credits, have 150 hours of college credits (5 years-MBA necessary), Pass all four parts of the Uniform CPA Exam, have the requisite amount of work experience, generally two years. MUCHO WORKO, a lot of hoops to jump through.

Can I sell financial services over the internet (website, fax, phone, etc.?)

It used to be referred to Elevated Finance

Is Elevated Finance a good enough name? Download wordpress for new site. Customize site a bit: header, landing page. Setup email list management and get link on the site. Create content, post on site. Do a little web marketing to drive traffic. See what happens.

Content Ideas: site intro, formula slideshows with music, personal finance overview with images/animation/music

Focus first on education and help enter into consultancy

Formula videos (clickable and non-clickable)
Formula Audios
Animated Lessons