Updated Jan 19th, 2021

when you buy a house it’s all about the foundation and the roof when it comes to boats I feel like it’s all about the hull and the motor.

If I’m serious about buying a boat and owning a boat over the next 20 years I need to learn how to maintain and fix common boat problems, especially those related to the hall and motor

Not that you want to buy a project boat but if you keep an eye out for what to look for when you’re looking for different boats and you can assess what is a good value and how much work something needs versus how much it costs new you could be in a good spot.

If you casually keep your eye out for deals again cuz it’s a hobby of yours and you learn about the costs and what it costs to maintain and do XYZ you’ll know a deal when it comes by.

One of the things I’ve heard before is to find a good hole and get a new engine with a warranty. obviously be good to find a boat with a good hole and a good motor and if the motor was to go then you can assess fixing up or buying a new one.

I’m not sure how difficult it is to identify or repair whole damage but this seems like a good place to spend time

You’re going to spend money going to an outboard engine mechanic but simple maintenance and test compression tests light you know rebuilds flushing these are things that you should be able to do.