Audio is King


Updated May 3rd, 2020

Been watching some vlogs. Realizing the story is king and not the camera. Taking it a step further, content can be shot without audio (or recorded separately) and then do the audio recordings after the fact. Think of an animated video as essentially all B-roll. Create the voiceover or soundtrack and then fill in content. Additionally, create the content and then add in audio later. Endless summer comes to mind. Also not a big selfie guy so don’t bother. I did a test the other day of an audio recording and what a mess, proper lighting and focus and eye movement and teleprompters – what a mess.

I should be able to create an awesome voiceover and then create b-roll to act as a-roll. If it seems to boring add in true in person a-roll after the fact.

Example: documenting a vacation I do not want to worry about setting up an external mic to record audio. Just take notes while getting the footage and record the audio later.

Example two. I want to create a motion graphics video explaining a complex topic in a simple way. Create a well written script that is to the point, clear, and concise and then animate content after the fact with motion, background music and sound effects.