Adobe Shortcuts and Tips


Updated Feb 10th, 2021

In illustrator…

Cntrl and clicking on canavas helps reset the pen tool to start a new path.

Clicking and holding the spacebar allows you move around a shape that you are setting

Cntrl+F allows you to paste in place

Alt and clicking point allows you to reset the point using the pen tool.

The scissor cuts between two anchor points

Editing in Premiere Pro

Subclipping is chunking out shorter clips from a longer clip

Use j,k, and l keys to navigate

J backwards

K pause

L to go forwards

J+k or k+l goes slow motion or 1/4 speed

Tapping l or j twice goes at double speed

Press i to mark the in point and o to mark the out point

Cntrl+shift+spacebar plays or previews between in and out points

Cntrl+u makes the actual subclip. You can also just drag down into the timeline and it won’t actually create another subclip but will be added to the timeline.

Zoom timeline in / out by pressing the + or – keys

Want to chnage in or out point? You can hover over an in or outpoint and drag the point right or left. Another option is to mark your playhead at the correct spot and remark in point.

When created subclips are deposited into the folder that is selected before subclipping

Playhead to previous/next edit press up or down keys, (make sure the tiemline is selected). You can also shift drag to snap.

Drag clips or subclips into the timeline but whats better is setting the playhead using the keyboard, and using the comma key  or insert icon. Multiple ways to do things but its clear the keyboard is the way to go.

Insert a clip in between two shots: insert edit the same as above. Make sure the playhead is im the right spot and track selectors correct.

To swap clips: ctrl + alt +drag. If not it overlaps shots.

Extract a portion of a clip from the timeline. Mark the in point by selecting i and out point by selecting o key and press the apostrophe key (‘) to extract.

Move everything to the right. Lasso and move (works good for short). Longer sequences use track select forward tool or “a” key.

Overwrite edit is done using the period key (.) This is helpful with broll when you don’t want to bump the entire sequence.

3 point edit. Used to insert a clip within a clip.”X” marks a clip. Mark in and out on existing clip in timeline, set an inpoint on another clip in the source monitor and then overwrite edit into timeline.

Cntrl+shift+x clears out points

If you set an in and an out on the timeline and then only set an out point for clip you are adding. It will back fill the necessary time on the front end. I think this is so you dont have to meticulously count frames. Another 3 point edit.