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Updated Feb 17th, 2021

The jim kwik video with the FAST acronym is f****** just gold.

Good thing I am a curious mind.

Example: Use OneDrive and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite at work and then at home I use Dropbox WordPress and WP and then we’ve got to keep tabs on personal files, photographs, tax documents, etc. Where the goal is to be able to retrieve things quickly and, oh by the way, you have to keep everything secure and make sure it’s available across all your devices.

Accelerated Learning Ted Talk: The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman (10 minutes into are the meat and potatoes of the talk)

1. Deconstruct the skill: What do you want to learn. Break the skill down into smaller pieces.

2. Learn enough to self correct

3. Remove practice barriers. Do the practice.

4. Practice at least 20 hours.
The major barrier to learning a new skill is not intellectual. Its emotional.

My Note:
I have been struggling with information overload. What is productive? What is entertainment?Even is productive is there focus? Is it Lynda or is it YouTube? I like the idea of having core principles that are revisited daily. I also like the idea of saving stripped down versions of content to revisit later, i.e. summaries or nuggets of the important information.

Another Note on Learning and Personal Development:

I remember as an early teen flipping through the channels on TV, pausing on CNBC and wondering what the fuck was going on with this Channel. I mean how did anybody understand what the numbers on the screen meant and what they were talking about with the double scrolls on the bottom and indices quotes graphics etc.

My uncle was well-off and he was a stockbroker so I thought if I could learn this stock market universe and understand CNBC then I too could become financially set.

So I challenged myself to just watch it and try to understand it reading about stocks and the markets and by learning it I could get to a point where I could understand what they’re talking about. Years later, as an adult and a finance major, I can watch CNBC and I can understand CNBC.

I am now challenging myself again with the world of tech/programming/datascience/technology.

If I can be disciplined to use the tools that are out there to study I can learn valuable skills.

In a funny way it might help me get back into stock trading because it’ll give me the extra funds I need to play around with.

Notes from video yt

Eliminated distractions and focus. 90/90/1 is to spend the next 90 days spending the first 90 minutes of your day doing the 1 thing that will move your business forward.

Meditation is another thing that comes up in increasing productivity

Productivity equals how much we accomplish.


Accelerated learning is the main driving force and every one talks about focus in which infodiet and eliminating distractions is key and can’t forget hard work.

Note: self taught education versus traditional. With self-taught more control can be a double edge sword. It’s good to have a framework. with traditional you use their framework that may require classtime and is “intake” heavy.

Increasing Productivity is the best way to grow wealth. How to increase productivity? ray dalio economic video

Keep the notes flowing but keep the more important ones on the top and don’t forget to ACT on the wisdom not just corral wisdom. It’s great to corrale the wisdom but if it is just buried somewhere inaccessible, and not referred to, and most importantly followed and ACTED upon then what is the point. Look to books, podcasts, and notes for motivation. But do not forget to ACT and BUILD using current knowledge.

Getting up early does wonders for your productive mindset
Be aware that there’s only a few hours of creativity per day and you should really try to capture them. Do the repetitive and mundane stuff after hours or at non-peak creative times

Look into thomas franks youtube videos on productivity


Usually ideas land here and then become blog posts, then pages, then sites, then profitable sites.

Random note: Khan Academy class on pixar