Absorbing vs. Action; Accomplish & Execute


Updated May 26th, 2021

Accomplish: Achieve or complete successfully

Execute: Carry out or put into effect

Being productive is an action – Do.

I absorb a lot of educational information but acting on that information gained is the real key.

Find the balance between learning more and growing and acting. It is likely 80 action and 20 learning new for 100 percent growth.

The other idea is when you are learning and growing is it new information or the reviewing of old information. Reviewing and revisiting and truly understanding a few concepts may be better than constantly absorbing new info but retaining very little. I use Anki as a note card app to help with retention.

I have started and moved on from many things. None were very financially rewarding but all were very time consuming. I wonder how things would’ve been differently if I saw them through.

Swing Trading Stocks (bigcharts, stockscores, telechart) 2000-2008

Creating stock research newsletter (2007-2008)

Swing Trading Options (ivolatility, tradeking) 2008

Day trading stocks 2008

Day Trading Forex (stochastic mean reversion) 2009

Real Estate Brokering/Investing 2006

Bachelor’s Finance 2007

Financial Planning FFA AXA Series 7 2007

CFA Exams 2008-2011

GMST Excel to timed PPT 2010-2011

Motion Graphics Flash After Effects 2013-2016

Web Design HTML CSS WordPress php 2010-2020

Programming JavaScript and or Python 2016-2020

Productivity and innovation is the real driver of economic wealth.

Time is cheap execution is everything. Time intelligence and money.

It’s not the idea it’s the execution.