1,000 Fans; 100 Customers; 10 Clients


Updated Feb 10th, 2021

I first heard this concept way back in 2013 on a podcast called the lifestyle business podcast which is now called the tropical MBA. The topic came up more recently and I read the original article by the editor of wired magazine. Some good nuggets and the it just it gets my blood flowing a little bit because I think it’s just a audio version of looking at a spreadsheet in which you’re talking about okay if I sell this type of product to this many people I can earn x. I like how these guys are talking about flipping the script and instead of starting with the higher number and working down to actually start with the lower number and work up seems a little bit more real that way. The idea of finding 10 people to pay you $1,000 a quarter and yeah $40,000 is not that much but oh by the way you’re you know able to pay your bills is pretty awesome.